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451 CDI Engine Removal

Modification Details

In the history of evilution, I had never had to remove an engine. Just my luck I had to start on the hardest one.
Even then, I would go as far as saying it was hard, just time consuming, awkward and daunting.

Including taking photos and notes, I achieved this in about 3 hours. I was in no rush and didn't have a guide.

Remove the rear panels, jack the car up and remove the 3x 10mm plastic nuts in the arch liners.

Pull the arch liners out to reveal the engine to body earth. Remove the 10mm nut and disconnect the earth lead.

Remove the inside boot cover by taking out the Torx screw and pulling the plastic cover off of the car.

This reveals the ECU. There are sliders on the electrical connectors. Slide the top one up and the bottom one down.

Then the connections will pull out of the ECU.

The top and bottom connectors are separate looms. You only need the bottom one.

At the base of the loom is another connector to disconnect.


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