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453 Multimedia Radio Pin Out

Modification Details

This is the rear of the radio unit that connects to the touch screen multimedia unit.
It is the most basic version of the radio unit. It is hidden behind the dash.

The 3 main connectors are:

BB - Speaker outputs, power input and earth.
BC - Data outputs and inputs to the touch screen unit.
The white FAKRA connector on the left is the FM/DAB antenna input.

On media units with DAB etc, there are other connections not shown here.

Connection BB

Word of warning. Renault, being French and therefore being terrible at wiring have decided that wiring
colours aren't all that important. They will use whatever colour comes to hand. They really don't care.

In the table below are the wiring colours I have encountered so far.

Pin Number Wire Colour Function
1 Grey or Blue or Green Left Rear Speaker +
2 Pink Left Front Speaker & Tweeter +
3 Pink or White or Grey Right Front Speaker & Tweeter +
4 - -
5 Red Fuse Box AA S14 (Fuse 14)
6 White or Green Left Rear Speaker -
7 Green or White Left Door Speaker & Tweeter -
8 Blue or Brown Right Door Speaker & Tweeter -
9 Green or White Right Rear Speaker +
10 White or Grey Right Rear Speaker -
11 - -
12 Black/Brown Earth/Ground

You are better off just paying attention to the position of the connections instead of the colours of the wires.

Thanks to Ajay D for the photo.

Sub Output?

No. Cars with the sub option take the left and right audio signals, pass them into an amp with a low pass filter.
The low frequency output is them connected to an unpowered sub woofer speaker.

You do not need to use the smart amplifier. Any aftermarket amplifier with a sub
connection will work fine (assuming it's powerful enough to drive the speaker.

Alternatively, you can just buy an active "under seat" sub woofer.
Then you connect the high level audio connections to the appropriate speaker outputs.
Attach an earth, switched live and permanent live.

Connection BC


Pin Number Wire Colour Function
1 -  
2 Pink/White Screen buttons pin 1, Audio gateway pin 11
3 -  
4 -  
5 -  
6 -  
7 -  
8 -  
9 Brown SD/USB reader
10 Red SD/USB reader
11 -  
12 -  
13 Black SD/USB reader
14 Yellow Screen pin 13
15 Red Screen pin 14
16 Black Screen pin 11
17 -  
18 -  
19 Grey/White CAN Bus high network
20 Brown/White CAN Bus low network
21 -  
22 -  
23 -  
24 -  
25 Grey SD/USB reader
26 Yellow SD/USB reader
27 -  
28 -  
29 Black Screen pin 15
30 Yellow Screen pin 9
31 Red Screen pin 8
32 Brown Screen pin 10

Fully Featured Radio Unit

I found a low quality photo of the fully featured unit with the extra connectors.

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