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Highline Stereo Hacking

The Highline stereo would be a much better unit if it wasn't for the terrible sat nav software. The idea is to personalise the unit and force it to use a better navi program.

Modification Details

Can The Highline Be Hacked?

There certainly are possibilities for hacking. I'm no stranger to software hacking. I used to do coding,
hacking and reverse engineering for Vision Factory who some of you may remember from the Amiga days.
Things have come a long way and most of it has left me behind but I did manage to swap out the splash
screen so it shows a custom logo when it starts and a separate logo when it shuts down.

I can also change most of the graphics if I wanted to as they were easy to get.
Once you have unzipped the firmware file, keep going into the files until you find
Unzip this file and go through the contents to find images and loads of other stuff.


The screen on the Highline is only 400x234 pixels which explains the poor quality.

Hacking Possibilities?

This 1st thing that comes to mind is make your own graphics. 
Have a look at the arrangement on the screen of the stereo, find the correct graphics
and either load them into a paint program or get the sizes and start from scratch.

The 2nd lead comes from the name of the navigation files. 
The maps are all there in the directories, maybe they can be swapped or copied.

Remember, if you unzip the file and change anything, you'll need to rezip the file before it can be used.

Why Try And Hack The Highline Stereo?

The main reason for attempting to hack the Highline stereo is to get it using a different navigation software.
The sat nav software is bad! I bought my 451 new in 2011 when the Highline had just appeared.
Even then, the maps were 2 years out of date. Not to mention the lack of a full postcode search.

Couple that with the cost of updated maps and the inability of smart to actually be able to order them.

This software has to be replaced to make the Highline stereo a better unit.

How Far Have You Got?

Thanks to an idea by site viewer Kuba, we have gained access to Windows CE.

Any Decent Hackers Or WinCE Coders?

If any of you get any further with this and do anything interesting, please let me know.
It's only fair to share as many of us are in the same position with this stereo.

Where Can I Get The Firmware Files?

From of course. Click here.

If you achieve anything interesting because of the firmware you downloaded here, please let me know.

What Can Be Done?

You can:

Copy from the SD card,
Copy to the SD card,
Copy to the internal memory,
Copy from the internal memory,
Delete files,
Adjust windows settings,
Run WinCE files.

Where Can I Get The Hack Download?

You can download it here:


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