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Mobis Lowline Stereo

Lowline or Entryline standard 1 DIN stereo as fitted to the face lifted 451.

Modification Details

Standard Connections

The Mobis Lowline has your standard ISO connections on the back, nothing strange here.
However, smart don't really know what all of the connections do. In fact, there was nothing to suggest
there was anything else to know about the stereo until I took a Lowline stereo apart and found this.

Clearly there is more going on here than we realised so I traced the connections and created a table.

Pin Number Wire Colour Connection
A1   No Connection
A2   No Connection
A3 No Connection
A4 Red Blue 12v Permanent Live
A5 Black 12v Remote out
A6  Grey Blue Lighting Input Speedo pin 12
A7 Black Grey  12v Switched
A8 Brown Earth
B1 Blue Right : Dash Tweeter +, Sub pin5, Rear +
B2 Brown Blue Right : Dash Tweeter -, Sub pin2, Rear -
B3 Pink Door Right : Speaker & Tweeter +
B4 Brown Pink Door Right : Speaker & Tweeter -
B5 Violet Door Left : Speaker & Tweeter +, Sub pin4
B6 Brown Violet Door Left : Speaker & Tweeter -, Sub pin1
B7 Yellow Left : Dash Tweeter +, Left Rear +
B8 Brown Yellow Left : Dash Tweeter -, Left Rear -
C5 No Connection
C6 No Connection
C13 No Connection
C15 30G (Permanent live)
C16 IGN 15A (switched live)
C17 TEL-M (maybe microphone input)
C18 AUX-REF (Audio ground)
C19 AUX-L (Line In Left)
C20 AUX-R (Line In Right)

All of the connections listed on the circuit board are shown in orange.

CAN Bus high and low do not seem to go to the rear connections.

Pre-Amplified Outputs?

No pre-amplified outputs are available on the rear of the stereo but I believe I have found the left and
right output pins before they enter into the amplifier. This is my best guess and not necessarily correct.

If you want to attempt to wire these 2 connections to a pair of unused pins you can then use any
of the ground connections as an audio ground in an attempt to create a stereo low level output.

It's not something I have tested yet but if you do, let me know how you get on.

Aux In, Nav-In, Telephone Microphone! How?

That's a simple one to answer but not such a simple one to prove. Somewhere, there will be a hidden menu.
Other Hyundai Mobis stereos have hidden menus that can be accessed by holding down 2 buttons.

I have tried some combinations with no joy. Look here for a Mobis stereo hidden menu example.

Who Are Mobis?

Hyundai Mobis create OEM stereos for various manufacturers. I hadn't actually inspected one of these Lowline stereos until late 2014 so assumed that they were also made by Bosch. I was wrong.

Mobis stepped in and created replicas of the stereos originally made by Becker.

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