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Roadster Speakers

The standard speakers aren't great so lets put some half decent replacements in there instead.

Modification Details

Place some tape along either top or the side of the speaker grills to protect the plastic.
Use a flat blade screwdriver to lever the speaker grill away from the door.

The grill hinges downward to reveal the speaker.

The 13cm speaker is a standard design except the mounting points are odd.

Below shows the speaker and the screws circled in red. A normal speaker has equally
spaced tabs around the outside of the speaker. These would be where the green circles are.

To get a normal speaker in there you will have to cut off one tab and make a new hole for
the new lower tab. The speaker will be held in with three screws but that will be fine.

Careful not to drop any of the screws as they are bound to fall through the 2 holes. Cover them with tape if you don't
trust yourself to not post all the screws in the holes and don't want to spend hours fishing them out (thanks Mat).

On the front of the dash you will see a vent either side, these also pop off.
Protect the dash with some tape and lever the vent upwards.

Underneath you will find the tweeter, this can be changed for another type if you have room.
The standard tweeter is placed near one end but there is a bit more room nearer the middle.

The standard tweeters have the part number 0012837V001 on them.

These are Roadster specific. Although the actual tweeter looks to be the same as the
fortwo 451 tweeter (and Fiat Mk2 Punto), they don't have the same frame around them.

I would recommend hot gluing a different tweeter underneath the cover.

What Speakers Should I Get?

I'd suggest something with a plastic cone and a rubber gasket, that way, if you have a leak by the
wing mirror and the speaker gets wet, it doesn't matter. Very few after good market speakers have
paper cones so go with what ever you prefer. Infinity, JBL, MB Quart etc.

Depth is important so they don't interfere with the internals of the door.
The standard speakers are approximately 50mm deep.

13cm is the standard size but 5.25 inch diameter speakers should also fit.

Coaxial Or Component Speakers?

Coaxial speakers have a tweeter floating over the midrange speaker. You then get a higher range of frequencies
from 1 position. They are easy to wire up as they have the high frequency crossover built in (a capacitor).

Component speakers only cover a smaller frequency band as there is only 1 speaker, in this case, a midrange.

If you have the factory fitted tweeters then fit component speakers. There is no point fitting coaxial
speakers with extra tweeters as it'll make your music unbalanced at the high frequency end.

If you don't have the tweeters in the dashboard, fit coaxial speakers. The addition of the extra, easy
to wire tweeters will enhance the fullness of your audio. These speakers only use the 2 wires that
you already have in your car. The tweeters are already internally wired into the speaker.

If you get coaxial speakers, be careful how much they protrude due to the extra tweeter height.
The important thing is to ensure that they fit underneath the standard speaker covers.


Thanks to Tommi for suggesting the addition of the coaxial/component information.

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