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Visteon Stereo Hidden Menu

Turns out, there's a fairly useless hidden menu on the Radio 9 and Radio 10

Modification Details

Press and hold buttons 3 and 6 along the top of the stereo. After about 4 seconds, the hidden menu will appear.

You will be able to cycle through the following:

Manufacturer component design
Serial number
Software version
Hardware version
Display test
Speaker test
Read fault codes
Erase fault codes
Antenna on/off
Reception field strength

Manufacturer Component Design

You'll immediately be shown the component design code. This means nothing.

Serial Number

By pressing the right arrow button next to the rotary volume knob, you'll display the serial number.
More useless info.

Software Version

Press the right arrow again and you'll get the software version. Useless.

Hardware Version

Press the right button again and you'll get the hardware version. Tripping over pointless info.

Display Test

Press the right arrow again and we finally get to something slightly more useful.

To activate the display test, turn the volume knob 1 click clockwise. Everything lights up to test the pixels.

Speaker Test

Press the right arrow again and we get to the speaker test function.

Twist the volume knob clockwise by 1 click. You will then hear a tone from each speaker.

Read Fault Codes

Press the right arrow once again to get to VIEW DTC, twist the volume knob 1 click clockwise.
You will probably get a screen saying that there is no fault however you might see 1 of the following:

D010: Undervoltage
D011: Overvoltage
D020: 1 or more button is sticking
D240: CD drive is overheated
D241: CD drive error

Erase Fault Codes

You can erase these codes by pressing the right arrow and then turning the volume knob 1 click clockwise.


Press the right arrow again. You can now turn the antenna on and off with the volume knob.

Antenna Signal Strength

Press the right arrow again and you'll get a signal strength read out.

Not A Clue

Press the right arrow again and you'll get MUL. It does nothing and tells me nothing.

Then from there it will cycle through the previous list.
To get back to the normal radio, press one of the 6 buttons along the top.

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