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Volume Knob Replacement

for the standard smart stereo.

Modification Details

These solid metal knobs replace the grey rubber volume knobs on the smart stereo
and the Roadster trip computer. They are not a cheap metal cap that goes over the existing knob, they replace the whole thing.

Although the pictures only show the smart CD player they will fit the cassette and radio too. For the cassette and radio you will need 2 knobs.




Customer photo showing chrome knobs on the CD player and Roadster computer.

Fitting is a case of pulling the old knob off and sliding the new one on.

As the shaft isn't as long as the insert it can help if you push a small amount of paper or bluetac in the hole. This stops the knob sliding all the way on which will stop you being able to turn the stereo off by pushing the button.

These should be available on the shop.

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