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450 Neoprene Drawer Lining

Protects items in the drawer from rolling and knocking about.

Modification Details

If you're anything like me your under-stereo drawer will be full of all sorts of gubbins:

mp3 player
spare batteries for mp3 player
lipstick/balm (women)
random screws, nuts & bolts (men)
handbrake knobs (don't ask)

The problem with gubbins is that it has a tendency to roll about and rattle whilst you are driving. Stuff rolling
about is also likely to bump into the mp3 player/iPod that so many of us have living in that particular spot.

The easiest way to stop stuff rolling about so readily, and hence to stop irritating rattles
(though if you insist on keeping a baby in the drawer then to be honest that's your own fault)
and to protect your mp3 player, is to line the drawer with something.

Sheets of NEOPRENE are available in various colours (black, red, blue, green, purple...)
The 'fab foam' we used is available from your local craft shop, and is sticky-backed so you don't have to mess around with pots of glue (although if you feel a Blue Peter moment coming on, then that's your business).



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