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Evilution HQ Postal Address

As I will not give out my personal address Evilution has a PO BOX address you can send bits and pieces to, things sent to this address will eventually be collected and nothing sent will be returned unless previously agreed.

PO Box 12578
CM14 9QQ


Good manners cost nothing so emails without the basic hello, please, thanks etc will be deleted.

Please try the search above, I dont like people who cant be bothered to even look themselves.

I do not work for smart and you don't pay my wages so I am not obligated to answer your emails.

I am not psychic, I don't know what type of smart you own so please mention the type and year in your email.

Can you also please mention what country you are from, this can affect the answer you receive.

To non English speakers, if you don't think your English is very good then write it in bad English and repeat the question again but in your own language. I will use an online translator to work it out. The reply will be in English.

Please remember, I am grateful for the thanks you send concerning the website but your thanks alone don't pay the bills, please consider becoming a member of Evilution, as a paid member of Evilution you are more likely to get a quicker response too, as I do get a lot of emails into from the site and paid membership takes precidence.
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