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451 CDI 45bhp Sensors

Modification Details

Air Inlet Temperature Sensor

On the back of the intercooler, just behind the top pipe.

Press the tab on the electrical connector and pull the connector free.

When the electrical connector is out of the way, pinch the tabs on eaither side of the sensor and pull it out.

This is the removed sensor.

Crankshaft Rotation Sensor

Nearly impossible to get to. This photo is taken top the back of the engine. Look to the left of the EGR valve...

...hidden underneath some coolant pipes... can just see the crankshaft senor.

High Pressure Fuel Sensor

The diesel has 2 fuel pumps. A low pressure pump in the tank as normal. That pumps fuel into the mechanical
high pressure fuel pump bolted to the left side of the engine block. It is turned by the cam shaft.

The larger of the 2 sensors measures the pressure of the fuel to make sure the pump is functioning.

Fuel Temperature Sensor

On the other end of the high pressure fuel pump is the fuel temperature sensor. It does exactly what it says.

Boost Pressure Sensor (MAP)

This is a remotely positioned sensor that's connected into the air inlet manifold by a short piece of flexible hose.

It's just 2x Torx40 to remove it and carefully disconnect the hose. The hose connector is fragile and can snap easily.

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Hidden behind the low pressure fuel lines is the water temperature senot.

It's clipped into the top of the thermostatic valve.

Other Sensors To Be Added Soon

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