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Injector Specifications

Fuel injector data

Modification Details

Many thanks to Stan Weiss who has collated some of the EFI data shown here.
We finally managed to get a set of each so now we can bring you this info

45KW Injectors

Light blue - found in all non Brabus fortwo's and the 60bhp Roadster

Smart part number: 0003099V004
Bosch part number: 0 280 155 814
EFI type: EV6 - standard 48.8mm

Flow rate: 120.9 cc/min
Rating: 3 bar
Impedance: High
Resistance: 14.5 Ohms

Only used in smarts.

60KW Injectors

Yellow - found in the Brabus Fortwo and non Brabus Roadsters.

Smart part number: 0010254V001
Bosch part number: 0 280 156 157
EFI type: EV6 - standard 48.8mm

Flow rate: 147.8 cc/min
Rating: 3.4 bar
Impedance: High
Resistance: 14.5 Ohm

Only used in smarts

74KW Injectors

Dark blue - found in the Brabus Roadster and Brabus 101.
Smart part number: 0017093V001
Bosch part number: 0 280 156 014
EFI type: EV6 - standard 48.8mm

Flow rate: 178.7 cc/min
Rating: 3.8 bar
Impedance: High
Resistance: 14.5 Ohm

Also found in:
Mercedes Benz v6 2.6l,
Mercedes Benz E Class,
Mercedes Benz C180,
Mercedes Benz CLK,
Mercedes Benz G class,
Mercedes Benz Vito,
Chrysler Crossfire N/A v6 3.2l
Volkswagon Eurovan v6 2.8l
Volkswagon Golf 2.8l
And many others...

40KW Diesel Injector

Black - found in all diesel fortwos, 450 and 451.

No available data on these so far.

Fitting Dark Blue Injectors

Just don't fit dark blue injectors to your car unless you are just replacing the existing dark
blue injectors in your Brabus Roadster. The problem is flow rate coupled with a remap.

Remaps create more power by increasing boost pressure and adding more fuel.
More fuel is added by opening the injectors for a longer stint.

As you know, the injectors open and close to spray a certain amount of fuel into the engine. This fuel is
countered with a certain amount of air. This ratio is adjusted continuously to make the engine run correctly.

The dark blue injectors would flow too much fuel in a non remapped car however, with a remap, this injection
time is lengthened so even more fuel is pumped into the engine. It's far more than the car can handle. It simply
cannot add enough air to give a good fuel/air ratio so it's not long until the engine check light comes on.

The dark blue injectors are fitted as standard to Brabus Roadsters however, the standard Brabus remap actually shortens the injector pulse to these dark blue injectors to make it able to run a correct fuel air ratio.

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