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Roadster Roof Motor Removal

Modification Details

If you can, open the roof slightly. This relieves the pressure through the cables on the motor.
If you don't/can't, the motor will be very tight and difficult to remove.

Open the boot and look towards the carpet that is behind the raised black plastic flap.

Pull the carpet up to reveal the roof motor.

Remove the 3x Torx30 bolts and lift the motor out of the recess.

Follow the cables to the right to find the connector, press in the side tabs...

...and pull to release the connector. 

The motor is now removed from the car.

Testing The Motor

With only 2 connections, it's obvious and easy to test to make sure it works.
Apply a 12volt feed to 1 pin and a negative wire to the other. The motor should spin.

You might even be able to test this motor with a 9v square battery (PP3) but only with the motor
out of the car. There is no chance of it being powerful enough to retract and raise the soft-top roof.

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