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V6 Steering Wheel Disassembly

Bought one and the ESP cart is broken? Take it apart and swap the carts over.

Modification Details

This guide will show you how to disassemble part number Q0017552V001000000.
Disassembly of Q0021663V001000000 (same wheel WITHOUT paddles) is similar.


Remove the steering wheel from the car as shown

Remove the 2x Torx10 screws that hold each paddle in place.

Slide the paddle out of the way to reveal the underneath. Remove the Torx30 bolts from both sides.

The airbag can now be slid off the front of the steering wheel.

Pop off the yellow airbag connector.

Remove the 4x 6mm allen head bolts.

It's a good idea to remember what wires attach to what connectors.
The connector with the black wires attaches to the connector with the black and brown wires.
The connector with the green wires attaches to the connector with the black and red wires.
The black wires go to the UP paddle, the green wires come FROM the down paddle.

The metal retainer at the back of the steering wheel will now come away with the ESP cart.

Press all 3 tabs through the metal retainer and the ESP cartridge will drop out.

The ESP cartridge on the one that was delivered to me was faulty and had broken pegs.
Swap the cartridges over for a working one and reassemble the wheel.

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