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450 Rear Window Leaks

If you have broken one, have a leak or want to tint them, take them out and fix it.

Modification Details

My Rear Side Plastic Windows Leak

It's quite a common problem, usually down to a damaged foam seal.
Follow the instructions below and check the foam seal for damage.
Clean both parts and repair or replace the foam seal if needed.

You can easily recreate these foam seals using sticky backed foam seals,
This sort of product can be bought from a good builders merchant.

You can use 2 layers of the replacement foam strip or, if the original strip is too flat,
you can add a layer on top of the original foam strip to bulk it out.
Alternatively you can do a search for closed cell foam strip.

Although the idea of bonding the windows back in with silicone sounds like a good idea,
make sure you get it right because if you don't, you won't get them back out again.
It's a bodge that even I don't recommend.

Alternative To Silicone Sealant

Mark R contacted me to say that he had resealed his rear quarter windows using a product
called Plumber Mait. It's a non setting putty designed to stop water ingress.
Because it doesn't set it means that the windows can be removed at a later date.

Removing The Windows


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