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451 Panel Separation

If you damage one of the front or rear panels you will need to separate it from the others to fit a replacement.

Modification Details

Rear Panel Separation

When that stupid old woman pulled out into the side of your car and damaged 1 panel, you really only want to replace that single panel. Although the front and rear panels are 3 joined together, they come off in 1 piece.

Once they are off the car it is simple enough to split the panels down to separate parts and replace the damaged one. You only need a nail puller or tack puller. At worse you could try a claw hammer or pliers.

You would do yourself a big favour having a tack puller in your tool box anyway as it is particularly useful.
In addition to this, it's a good idea to have a few towels to put down so no panels get scratched on the floor.

The panels are clipped and riveted together but it doesn't take much effort to separate them.

451 Panel Separation


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