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Engine Oil Capacity

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Smart Engine Oil Capacities

Different spec sheets suggest different quantities although they are all very similar.
Here is an approximate oil capacity for each of the smart engines.

These capacities are for filling a new engine. When you do an oil change, you will not be able to
remove all of the old oil so a replacement oil capacity may be a little lower. Purchase your oil
using the capacities below but fill according to the level on the dip stick.

Car Type Engine Size & Code Oil Capacity
- - -
Fortwo 450 599cc - 160.910 2.5L
Fortwo 450 798cc - 160.920 3.0L
Fortwo 450 CDI 899cc - 660.940 2.7L
Fortwo Crossblade 599cc - 160.910 2.5L
- - -
Fortwo 451 non turbo 999cc - 132.910 3.3L
Fortwo 451 turbo 999cc - 132.930 3.3L
Fortwo 451 CDI 899cc - 660.950 2.7L
- - -
Roadster 698cc - 160.921 3.0L
- - -
Forfour 1.0 1124cc - 134.910 3.5L
Forfour 1.1 1124cc - 134.911 3.5L
Forfour 1.3 1332cc - 135.930 4.5L
Forfour 1.5 1499cc - 135.950 4.2L
Forfour 1.5 CDI 1493cc - 639.939 5.5L
Forfour Brabus 1468cc - 122.950 (4G15) 3.7L

What Oil Should I Use?

Take a look at the full list of MB229.5 oils, here.
These are oils that smart recommend. The recommended viscosity depends on the climate of your country.

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