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450 Alloys On A 451

So, you have a 451 fortwo and want to fit 450 alloys to it huh!

Modification Details

Fitting 450 Alloys On A 451

OK, the important part 1st. You CANNOT just get a set of alloys from a 450 and fit them to your 451.

Why Not?

The offset of the rear alloys would make them hang out of the rear arches by about 2+ inches.

What Can I Do?

Option 1

You have to get 4 front alloys. The 450 front alloys have an offset fairly close to the 451.
Unlike the old type fortwo (450), the new fortwo (451) has similar offsets front and back.

Option 2

Fit wider arches like the Brabus Ultimate 120 body kit.

Crossblade Spikelines On A 451


If you are going to fit front 450 alloys all round on your 451, you should stick with the following designs.

16" Monoblock VI
16" Monoblock A
16" Triline
16" Spikeline


The most narrow standard wheel on the rear of the 451 is 5.5" wide. So you don't want to go any more narrow.
The alloys listed above have front widths of at least 5.5"


Standard tyre sizes for suitable 450 front alloys are OK all round for the 451.

175/50/16 (5.5" wide alloys)
195/40/16 (6.5" wide alloys)


Thanks to Neil for the photo of his car on Spikeline alloys.

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