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Locking Wheel Nuts

Replacement bolts that make it harder for scrotes to steal your wheels.

Modification Details

Locking Wheel Nuts

Right, first thing's first. They don't lock and they aren't nuts. Surely people of a driving age should know the difference between nuts and bolts. So for accuracy, let's call them security wheel bolts.

Security Wheel Bolts

That's better.

Direct Replacements

If you own a fortwo or Roadster and just want to add a bit of security to your standard alloys then that's easy. You can buy them directly from many online and offline automotive shops such as

Aftermarket Replacements

If you have aftermarket alloys then the standard wheel bolts and security bolts may not be suitable.
The smart bolts may be too short or too long and chances are the seat shape will be wrong.

Working Out The Correct Length

With one of your standard alloys off the car, push a standard wheel bolt into the wheel and measure the length of thread that protrudes out. Now push the same standard wheel bolt into your new alloy and again measure the protruding thread. If the bolt sticks out 15mm on the original wheels and 10mm on the new wheels then you will need security bolts that are 5mm longer than standard,

You can go a fraction longer but be careful going too long on the rear as the excess
bolt thread will protrude into the brake drum and could do all manner of damage.

Remember that you will need longer wheel bolts all round, not just the security bolts.
Hopefully your new alloys will come with the correct length bolts required to safely
fix them to your car, worth double checking though.

Seat Shape

The seat shape is also known as the saddle or shoulder shape. It is the shape of the base of
the hole that the bolts sit in when it's in the alloy. As standard, the smart uses the slightly
more unusual radius seat. Most aftermarket alloys have a taper seat. It's very important to
get the correct shape as it distributes the pressure of the bolt head to the alloy. If you get
this wrong it can damage the alloy, snap the wheel bolt or loosen itself as you drive.

Thread Size And Pitch

The smart standard wheel bolts are M12 with a thread pitch of 1.5mm.
This must be matched to any replacement wheel bolts that you get.

Can I Fit More Than 1 Security Bolt Per Wheel?

Of course but I wouldn't recommend it. Security bolts tend to be a bit weaker than
standard wheel bolts so I wouldn't like to rely of them holding your wheels on but
they are fine to have 1 just ensuring they don't get stolen.

I Lost My Removal Key

I would love to call you an idiot but I have misplaced 2 myself.
The smart standard ones are either McGard or another type.

The McGard ones have a wavy flower design.
If you take a photo of the bolt and email it to McGard, they will sell you a replacement removal key.
You do have to send proof that you own the car and do a money transfer but it's not that much hassle.

The smart ones have a raised middle and 4 holes around the outside.
Most smart dealers have a full set of removal keys so they can take them off for you.

Multipurpose removal tools on eBay are shit and don't work. Don't even waste your time.
I tried 3 different designs and none of them worked.

There are good multipurpose removal tools but generally they cost a lot so pointless for a one time use.
Tyre garages will often have a good removal kit but they will get you to sign a form against alloy damage.

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