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Roadster 3to5 Stud Adapters

Increase the alloy wheel fitment possibilities by giving you the option to fit Mercedes or Audi alloys.

Modification Details

 Although the range of alloy wheels for the smart is increasing every month, 
why limit yourself to what other people have when you can buy a set of stud 
converters and use some Mercedes, Audi or VW alloys?
The range for these fitments is massive, literally thousands to choose from.

Let's take a look at the converters.

The block on the left is for the front wheel, it is thinner as the front hub sits quite far out.
The right hand block therefore belongs on the rear hubs, the rear hub sits further 
in so to use alloys with the same offset it must space the rears out considerably.

How Do They Work?

The adapter shares one of the holes with the Mercedes alloy with the original hub as they 
are the same PCD. The adapter bolts to the hub and the new alloy bolts to the adapter.

The adapter block bolts directly to the smart hub through 2 of the 3 holes.
The 5 stud alloy is then offered up to the adapter and bolted through 4 of the 5 holes.
The remaining long bolt runs through the alloy, through the adapter and bolts into the hub.

More and more companies are selling the adapters separately 
to the alloys which will save you money.

An Example. OTV's Project Roadster

OTV's Roadster is sporting Mercedes fitment 17" alloys, 7.5" wide with an ET38 offset.
For these alloys a front adapter of 20mm and a rear adapter of 65mm was used.

Any Drawbacks?

As long as you fit them correctly and keep them at the correct torque settings then no.
500 miles after you first fitted them you should check the torque for all the bolts, 
if they are fine you should recheck every few thousand miles.

Some people may say that the adapters can increase the wear on the bearings, this will be the case for all alloys that are larger than standard size not just this setup.

Where Can I Get Them?

There are 2 main companies that manufacture these (both German) 

FK Automotive

Neither are particularly interested in dealing direct with the public so I 
recommend dealing directly with Wheels UK or FK Automotive if you are in the UK.
He is the authorised reseller and was very quick to get the parts sent out.

If you are outside of the UK, take a look at the main websites and look for your nearest reseller.

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