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Delip the Air Intake

Delipping the smart air intake seems to increase throttle response, increase the speed of the gear change and give the engine a little extra power for no extra money.

Modification Details

Air moves very much in the same way that water does, the lip creates an
eddy and increases turbulence before the air enters the airbox.
By removing it we are creating a more efficient path for the air to travel.

Protect the edge of the car by applying masking tape to the Tridion and to the end of
the flat headed screwdriver. Place the screwdriver into the top and lever the intake out.
There is a clip located at 4, 8 and 12 o'clock.

Once out you can see how the cover is held on, use the flat bladed screwdriver between
the 2 clips and lever while at the same time pulling the cover out.

Do the same for all 3 clips. Take your time so you don't break any of the clips.

With the cover removed.

Here you can see the promanant lip that was hidden by the cover.

Using a set of pliers, grab the lip and twist, eventually it will begin to
peel/tear away from the edge. Go all the way around until the lip is off.

With the lip torn away clean the edge with sandpaper or trim with a knife.

That's the job done, reassemble the intake (both parts have 'UP' stamped on the back).

Refit the pipe and push the intake back into the car the
right way up until you hear it click into place 3 times.

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