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Finding The Engine Number - 451

Modification Details

Petrol Models Only

The petrol 451 of all types, turbo or non turbo had the same engine number location.
Thankfully, it's 879% easier to get to and 423% easier to read than the previous model's engine.

As you look at the lower right hand side of the engine block, just below the right-most exhaust outlet...'ll see a frame with some engraved numbers and letters in it.

Zoom in...

...and enhance (CSI style).

The 1st line is the engine type. This will be 3B21.

The line below that is your unique engine number. In this instance it is CT0901.


Click this link, add your VIN code in and search. It'll tell you the engine code.

451 Diesel Engines

It's a 450 diesel engine so you'll have to look here for the engine number.

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