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Updating the news has taken a back seat…

…mainly because I’ve been busy with the site and I didn’t know how to post a news update on this new system. If you are seeing this, it worked. I have been adding and adjusting pages of information as I went, especially if someone asked or requested the info. So, this is what is new since September.

Forfour 454 key battery replacement.
Roadster key battery replacement.
453 suspension front information.
453 scuttle panel removal.
453 external temperature sensor removal.
Drive belt information.
451 headlight pin out.
451 electric drive heater fault.
453 electric drive heater fault.
451 heater controller disassembly.
Jump start boxes.
451 failed clutch actuator.
453 wind noise issues.
450 almond to peanut facelift.

evilution Christmas message (including the photo that got me banned on FaceBook for 3 days).
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evilution has been a hobby of mine for the last 16 years so it is with some trepidation that I announce that it is now “evilution ltd” and therefore a real registered company. This will seriously help the site out as I’ll be able to purchase more cars to tear down. On the flip side I now have to learn to do accounts and find out what I can and can’t do. This transition will take time.