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I had a week off work!

Normally the girlfriend goes away on holiday and I stay behind and do stuff to the house. I’d previously ripped out the bathroom, moved a wall over and fitted a new bathroom suite. Then there was Covid for 2 years so no holidays. This year however she was off to Barbados and that was going to be about the time the builders were going to finish the extension on the back of the house. I was going to use the 2 weeks to tile the new toilet and shower room, fit a toilet, shower and sink and then decorate the other 2 rooms and have it all done by the time she got back.

Sadly the builders started 2 weeks late, did next to nothing for the 1st week due to the weather. Then I lost a week waiting for the roofer to actually arrive, another week waiting for the plumber to turn up and another week for the electrician. The waiting time for double glazed windows and a door was 5 weeks and the builders can’t plaster the walls if the building has no doors or windows.

So, for the 2 weeks the girlfriend was on holiday, almost nothing got done on the building so I had nothing to do. I cancelled 1 of the weeks off work and spent the remaining week in the workshop and writing up pages for previously taken photos. My loss is your gain I suppose.

453 Lambda Sensors
453 Forfour Door Card Removal
453 Forfour Front & Rear Speaker Change
453 EQ Desiccant Cartridge Change
Roadster Self Centring Steering Mod
450 Rocker Cover Removal
Roadster Rocker Cover Removal
450 Air Inlet Manifold Removal
Roadster Air Inlet Manifold Removal
450 Camshaft Removal
Roadster Camshaft Removal
450 Timing Chain Cover Removal
Roadster Timing Chain Cover Removal
Roadster Brake Bleeding
450 Cylinder Head Removal
Roadster Cylinder Head Removal
450 Timing Chain Guide Removal
Roadster Timing Chain Guide Removal
450 Chain Tensioner Removal
Roadster Chain Tensioner Removal
453 Fog Light Bulb Change
450 Oil Pump Removal
Roadster Oil Pump Removal
Wheel Bolt Torque Figures
Oil Sump Pan Testing
450 Timing Chain Change
Roadster Timing Chain Change
The Dan Graves eBay Smart Manual

Finally I have started getting my hands dirty inside an engine. I’m not a fan.

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